1) Why science needs to improve. Bailoo, J. D. (9/15/15)

2) Ethics, PR and the science of the head transplant. Bailoo, J. D., & Varholick, J. A. (1/22/16)

3) Why we haven’t cured the common cold - a response to PETA’s “science advisor”, Dr. Julia Baines. Bailoo, J. D. (8/8/16)

4) Workshop: Minds of Animals-Reflections on the human non-human continuum. Bailoo, J. D., Bender, N., Cacchione, B., Shah, M., Taborsky, M. University of Bern, Switzerland (September 27-28th 2016)

5) Thomas Starzl (1926-2017) - The man who saved countless humans using animal research. Bailoo, J. D. (3/7/17)

6) Research Roundup: A weekly summary of animal research. Bailoo, J. D., Dettmer, A., Varholick, J. A., Clifford, P., Henley, K. & Holder, T. (3/1/17-19)

7) The Fact Check: PETA vs. Christine Lattin. Bailoo, J. D. (9/19/17)

8) Does size matter? Evaluating the space requirements for laboratory mice. Bailoo, J.D. (1/15/18)

9) How many cigarettes in with a bottle of wine. Bailoo, J. D. (4/9/19)

10) Celebrating #WorldImmunization Week. Bailoo, J. D. (Pt. 1, 2, 3, 4; April 22-25th 2019)

11) How Parapriacanthus got its glow back. Bailoo, J. D. (1/15/20)

12) #FactCheckNeeded: How are mice and rats accounted for in the balance of science, medicine, and animal welfare? Faulty assumptions lead to faulty conclusions. Bailoo, J. D., Panicker, S. & Bennett, A. J. (1/12/21).

13) Progress in Parkinson’s disease depends on Primate and other #AnimalResearch. Emborg, M., Bailoo, J. D., Doudet, D. (2/24/21)

14) Prioritizing human life in a pandemic ≠ unnecessary. Panicker, S., Bennett, A. J., Dettmer, A. M., Varholick, J. A., Bailoo, J. D. (3/9/21)

15) #FactCheckNeeded: Non-human animals cannot have a gender identity. Lewis, K., Bennett, A. J., Panicker, S., Dettmer, A., Bailoo, J. D., & Varholick, J. A. (4/14/21)

16) Animal protection: Animal research yields new Valley fever vaccine for dogs. Bennett, A. J. & Bailoo, J. D. (11/17/21)